About Me


About Me


an ORANGE COUNTY native, a USC theatre school graduate, an advocate for Asian Americans in the ARTS & a professional ACTOR

Jacqueline Misaye is a young aspiring actor who  made her East West Players stage debut in the West Coast Premier of Leah Nanako Winkler's Kentucky.   Although it might be the play she is the most proud of, it was by no means her first. She was privileged to be directed by Sam Henry Kass (known for writing Seinfeld episodes) in two hilarious Kass-written original comedies. In the first she played a pissed-off Brooklyn girl in Welcome Back 29ers at the Hayworth Theatre, and then she played a bi-polar and desperate actress (which didn't seem to require much acting) in An Actor's Guide to Survival at the Santa Monica Playhouse. She recently completed a touring summer of Shakespeare by the Sea, performing for thousands of people in both Taming of the Shrew and Macbeth.

Her first full-length feature film recently premiered at Laemmle in North Hollywood.  Let It Bleed certainly lived up to its name, and she had a lot of fun both filming her bloody death, and ultimately watching that cringe-worthy scene on the big screen. 

Comedy has always come easily to her.  She is perfecting her comedic technique- taking the broad characters she created with the Groundlings and applying them to the sitcom characters in Scott Sedita's Advanced Comedy class. She has been told that she lives in comedy by Scott Sedita, by Groundlings instructors and by USC School of Theatre professors. When she was studying classical theatre in London, she was nick-named the "wittiest woman in the room" by the dean of the British American Drama Academy.

She has found an acting home in Los Angeles with Victor Villar-Hauser and his band of loyal actors-in-training.  Under his coaching, she has grown considerably in terms of character-work and story-telling.  It is here that she has met the fellow actors who both challenge and inspire her.

When not acting her little heart out, you can probably find her eating sushi by the boat load, taking an amateur ballroom dance class or doing other typical Los Angeles activities like hiking around L.A. landmarks, watching Hitchcock movies, staring at her pores in the mirror, etc.


Upcoming Production

Upcoming Production

Moving Arts Presents The Joint World Premiere Of

BLISS (or Emily Post is Dead!)

By Jami Brandli

Directed by Darin Anthony

It’s 1960 in North Orange, NJ. Clytemnestra and Medea are now housewives with a pill addiction, and Antigone is the teenage girl next door who is in love with a black boy. On the surface, they’re seemingly blissful to follow the “rules” of Emily Post, the American author famous for writing on etiquette. The status quo is irreversibly changed when Cassandra, a black working girl, moves into their neighborhood and all routines are interrupted. 

Cassandra is determined to finally break the curse of Apollo, the egotistical god who gave her this “gift” of prophecy but made it so no one would ever believe her. Can Cassandra convince them they now have a choice in this modern era? That they don’t have to live a doomed existence? Can all four women escape their ongoing fate? 

Cece Tio - Producer
Chuma Gault - Assistant Director
Amanda Knehans - Set Design
Ebony Madry - Lighting Design
Gabrieal Griego - Sound Design
Allison Dillard - Costume Design
Jackie Hartenfels - Props Designer
Beth Scorzato - Technical Director/Production Manager
Raul Staggs - Casting Director
Demand PR - Publicist

Clementine - Ann Noble
Maddy - Jacqueline Misaye
Antonia - Becca Gordon
Cassandra - Jasmine St. Clair
Apollo/Dr. Smith - Andrew Carter

Performing November 3rd - December 2nd

Previews November 1st & 2nd at 8pm

at the Atwater Village Theatre 3269 Casitas Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90039

To Click HERE to Buy Tickets

Go to Moving Arts for more Information